The horrorcore record label that supports BSL and wants pitbulls removed from the planet
Yes we hate pit bulls , and want them removed from the planet


Disgusting – Plainfield Residents Protest Dogs’ Return Home After Violent Attack ( 6 rottweilers )

Family and friends of a home health-care worker mauled by dogs while on the job in Plainfield last December are protesting the town’s decision to return four of the dogs to their owners.
In the eight months since, Lynne Denning has undergone more than a dozen surgeries and is taking legal action against the town.
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Plainfield officials returned four of the six dogs in question to their owners last week. Denning’s supporters say the decision violates her rights – and the law – since the state Department of Agriculture has not held a hearing on the case.
“(It’s) heart wrenching because you don’t want something to happen to somebody else,” said Denning’s daughter, Bridgett Labrecque. “You know, this is tragic enough, and I think it needed to end here and not go any further.”
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Protesters gathered at Plainfield Town Hall for Monday night’s board of selectman meeting and vented their frustrations.
“The dogs literally tore Lynne’s face off and ripped chunks of her body off all over her entire body,” said Liz Marsden of Connecticut Residents Opposing Unsafe Dogs. “This is not a little garden variety bite.”
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First Selectman Paul Sweet addressed the crowd at Monday’s meeting, limiting public comment on the decision to send the dogs home. He pointed out that the town sought legal advice before releasing the dogs and said the owners agreed to unspecified stipulations.
“If the state Department of Agriculture would have had this hearing sooner, most likely these four dogs would have been released a lot sooner,” Sweet said. “Because this has been going on with the sideshow with the state, we’re in the position that we’re in, but what we’re doing, we believe is 100 percent lawful.”
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Officials with the Department of Agriculture declined to comment Monday, only saying they’re finalizing a hearing date.
“We cannot comment on this case because we are the adjudicating agency in the appeal of the order,” said department spokesman Ray Connors.
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In the past, the department has said it’s not uncommon for hearings to be held more than a year later.

25 year old pit bull advocated killed by own pitbull

A Spartanburg woman who was killed by a pit bull had been attempting to rescue her mother from the attacking dog, authorities say.

Porsche Nicole Cartee was pronounced dead inside her home when emergency responders arrived Saturday.

Spike, which has since been euthanized, had been the Cartee family’s pet for more than a decade.

Authorities say the pit bull “just snapped” when it began attacking the mother. Cartee’s sister was also injured. Her mother was hospitalized and her injuries may require surgery, while Cartee’s sister received treatment on scene, said Jamie Nelson, the director of Spartanburg County’s Office of Environmental Enforcement.

Those close to the 25-year-old described her as selfless.

Patrick Powell, Cartee’s boyfriend of nearly 10 years, said the two had just separated about a month ago but were planning on getting back together.

The family’s pit bull had caused problems before, Powell said by phone Sunday.

A previous attack left the mother hospitalized, but the incident was never reported to authorities, Powell said.

No other case involving Spike had been reported, Nelson confirmed. The environmental enforcement office is continuing to look at records from previous addresses to ensure there were no prior cases, he added.

An autopsy is being performed on the dog to determine if it had rabies, he said.

“The biggest thing apart from it being a fatality is that it was three victims at one time, and it was a family pet,” Nelson said. “It’s just a huge tragedy here for this family.”

Pit bulls – the devil dog

{its have 235lbs of force behind their bite. GSDs have 238lbs, labs have 230lbs, and rottweilers have a crazy 265-328lbs. This is compared with the average bite-force of a human (86lbs).
Pits’ bites aren’t actually the most dangerous ones, in terms of how much damage a single bite could do. (I don’t have a more “scientific” assessment available unfortunately so this will have to do.)
If you trained a large dog to fuck someone up, they would probably be able to do a pretty good job of it. One would have to be pretty fucking lucky to actually kill a healthy adult human, but the human’d definitely get pretty hurt.

The problem with pits is that they come from a long line of dogs bred to be aggressive. As do chows. GSDs do too, but IMO their higher average intelligence holds back some of their tendency towards suddenly snapping for no reason. But the difference between a breed bred for aggression, and one bred for tracking/herding/etc. is that the aggressive one will be more likely to use aggression when startled/stressed, will be more likely to use the full force of their bite, and will be more likely to continue to fight even after being injured.

You don’t often hear about golden retrievers mauling/killing children because they’re just not an aggressive breed. You’d have to really be a gigantic shithead to a golden to get it to want to be an asshole, and it’d have to be really stressed out to snap in a really violent/dangerous way. They were bred to pick up game in a manner that wouldn’t damage it, and bring it back.

B.C. judge orders destruction of pitbull after ‘savage’ attack

KELOWNA, B.C. – A B.C. provincial court judge has ordered the destruction of a 16-month-old pitbull after what she said was a “savage and persistent” attack on one of its owners.

A Kelowna court heard the male dog named Loki had a long history of running loose and being aggressive when he bit Jennifer Heitzmann on her arms and legs and broke a bone in her hand last November.

During a three-day trial in Kelowna, Heitzmann told the court her partner Rick Bellar was being attacked by two men and she tried to hold the dog back.

But in a ruling issued this week, Judge Jane Cartwright rejected that explanation, saying evidence showed the attack happened while the couple was having an argument.

She described the wounds as “deep, bloody and gruesome” and said there is “no other option” than to have the dog destroyed in 30 days if the owners don’t appeal the order — which Bellar said he plans to do.

Cartwright also banned the couple from owning or residing with any dog that has been declared aggressive or dangerous by an animal control officer for three years.

“It would be irresponsible in the extreme to release Loki to anyone, much less the respondents, as they have proven that they are unable to control Loki,” she said. (Global)

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Pit Bulls make up 5% of the dog population but are responsible for over 70% of the fatal dog bite attacks…