Brevard County child recovering after pit bull attack

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COCOA, Fla. —

A 10-year-old Brevard County boy is recovering after he was attacked by two pit bulls Saturday afternoon.

It all happened at the Sunrise Village Mobile Home Park in Cocoa.

The victim told WFTV he was walking with a friend before the incident. He said another child was attempting to tie-up the dogs, but they overpowered her.

“One got away and started attacking me,” he explained. “She tried to get the other one, but then it pulled her and started attacking me too.”

The victim’s mom said she was overwhelmed when she heard the news.

“I just wanted to see my son,” said Katie Young.

Young said the owners of the dogs didn’t seem to care about the vicious attack that sent her son to the hospital.

“They didn’t have any sympathy,” Young said. “They laughed at me. They cursed at me. They didn’t have any sympathy for my child at all.”

The child is expected to have a full recovery.

Both dogs were taken away, however authorities have not said what will happen to them.

WFTV reached out to the dogs’ owners, but they declined an interview.

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Elderly Man Attacked by Neighbor’s Pit Bull

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A man in his 70’s was attacked by his neighbor’s pit bull on the west side Saturday morning.

Police were called to a home on Morales Street near North Colorado Street around 9:00 a.m. after the man’s family called 911.

The elderly man suffered puncture wounds to his arm and wrist area, but was not seriously injured.

According to an Animal Care Services officer, the owner of the dog was cited for animal violations.

The elderly man’s family claims the owner did not keep his dogs restrained, but the owner says he did.

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Neighbors helpless as pit bull kills cat

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COAL TOWNSHIP – The owner of a pit bull that killed a cat Friday afternoon on a porch in the 1000 block of West Montgomery Street, despite efforts by neighbors to save the feline, will be cited for allowing her dog to run at large.

The unprovoked attack scared and outraged the cat’s owner and neighbors, who will have to wait until Monday for the dog to be removed from its home a block away.

Kristine Raser, 27, of 949 W. Montgomery St., Coal Township, about a block from where the attack occurred, will be cited by Patrolman Matthew Hashuga for violating a township ordinance in connection with the incident, which was reported to police at 12:05 p.m.

Richard Dilliplane, of 1033 W. Montgomery St., said a brown pit bull came onto his

porch and attacked and killed his pet cat, Smokey. Several neighbors witnessed the attack and attempted to intervene by striking the pit bull with the flat end of an ax and shooting at the dog. However, the dog continued its attack before fleeing with the cat’s remains toward a wooded area south of West Fern Street.

The cat was never found and is believed to have been eaten by the dog.

Friday evening, Raser contacted police and state dog officer Allen Fegley to inform them that she had the pit bull secured in a cage at her home, where the dog will remain until Monday when Fegley is scheduled to pick it up.

Dilliplane, who attempted to stop the dog from killing the 3-year-old male cat, was distraught about losing his pet, which he has owned since it was a kitten.

‘It was horrible’

On Saturday, Dilliplane didn’t care to say much about the incident except that he was glad to hear police were going to cite the dog’s owner.

Dilliplane’s sister, Susan Hughes, who lives with her brother and husband, William, stated, “I heard a thump and when I came outside onto the porch, I saw the dog with the cat in its mouth. I yelled for my brother to come out and he attempted to get the dog off the cat, but it was too late.”

Hughes, who just got home Friday from Sunbury Community Hospital after undergoing surgery, was transported back to the hospital by ambulance after collapsing shortly after the dog attack from stress and anxiety. She was back home again Saturday.

Tim and Cathy Neary, of 1028 W. Montgomery St., who witnessed the attack, said it wasn’t pretty.

“It was horrible,” said Mrs. Neary. “This is a quiet neighborhood to have something like that happen. I saw it from my window and started screaming to my husband to do something.”

Tim Neary said he grabbed the ax, ran across the street and hit the pit bull in the head, which stunned the dog and caused it to bleed.

“I wasn’t trying to kill the dog. I was just trying to save the cat,” he said. “But by the time it got off the cat, the cat was already dead. The dog ripped its guts right out. It wasn’t a pretty thing to see.”

The Nearys, who own a German shepherd-lab mix and a sheep dog-Great Dane mix, believe the pit bull isn’t being taken care of properly and can be very imposing when its free.

“There are kids in our neighborhood and having a dog run free like that is scary,” Cathy Neary said. “It already killed a cat. Thank God it didn’t attack any kids.”

‘In fear’ for weekend

Mrs. Neary said she was disturbed the dog couldn’t be removed by the state dog officer until Monday.

“I don’t like the way the situation was handled. We have to live in fear the whole weekend,” she said.

Michelle Pauzer, of 1034 W. Montgomery St., Coal Township, who did not witness the attack, was upset by the delay as well.

“I’d love to know why the dog warden didn’t take the dog because there have been reports that it is not secured in the cage and was out in the yard,” he said.

Pauzer said she heard reports that the dog attacked two other cats in the past, but she couldn’t confirm that information. Pauzer said she has not experienced any problems with the pit bull.

Gun confiscated

Another neighbor, who preferred not to be identified, said the dog approached her before mauling the cat.

“It was near me coming down the street, but then someone yelled and it took off, spotted the cat on the porch and killed it before running away with the remains of the cat in its mouth. I feel sorry for Mr. Dilliplane,” she said.

Neighbors said Nick Graboskie, of 1025 W. Montgomery St., initially used a pellet gun in an attempt to scare the dog off, but after that didn’t work, he retrieved a handgun and fired at the dog. Neighbors said they didn’t know if the dog was struck.

Graboskie, who was away for the weekend, was unavailable for comment. His gun was confiscated by police.

Neighbors commended Graboskie and Neary for their efforts to save the cat.

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Pit bull attack tale scary – BAN THE BREED

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Patch walks with a limp, Sydney wears a cone-shaped plastic collar and Sam wants to run free but shouldn’t, not until the scars heal. These dogs are lucky to be alive. They were attacked recently by a rogue pit bull.

They are heroes.

So is their owner, Frances Turk. She lives on 10 acres near Milton, in a handsome house her father built. We were sitting on the porch the other day while the wounded dogs soaked up the heat of the healing sun.

Frances said, “There had been a strange dog hanging around all morning. I had a guy working in the barn. I asked if it was his dog. He said no.

“I had to take my dogs for a walk before I went to work. I had Sam on a leash, and Sydney and Patch were off leash.” Off leash? She has 10 acres of bushes, trees and trails. “I came out the door and the dog just came around the corner and sniffed Sam; within seconds it started to attack.” The rest is a bloody blur.

“I tried to get my dogs in the house. I tried to bring Sam in, which was dumb because the pit bull was still attached.” If it had gotten loose …

Somehow she hauled all the dogs back outside. “The dogs were in a frenzy. The pit bull left Sam and grabbed Patch, pulled him down and got him by the face and neck and was shaking him. I was freaking out.”

She pointed to some garden tools. “I grabbed a shovel and started whaling away on the head of that dog. I put everything I had into it. That didn’t work, so I put the shovel between Patch’s head and the pit bull’s mouth and pushed down until it let go.

“I was trying to get Patch back in the house when I heard Sydney yelping. The pit bull had just ripped her hind end. The guy from the barn came over then, carrying a two-by-four. He got my two dogs in the barn, and the pit bull went after him so he jumped into the back of his truck.”

Frances stood facing the bloody-mouthed pit bull, armed with nothing but her courage and a shovel.

She wasn’t aware of it at the time, but she’d been bitten on the leg; she has a large bruise just above the knee.

“The pit bull chased me here. I got inside and called 9-1-1. The cops came 20 minutes later. They told me to wait in the house until Animal Control showed up. The pit bull stayed on the porch. I think it was confused.”

She learned later that it was a young dog, in her first heat.

“My dad pulled up then. He managed to get a chain on the dog and he pulled it away so I could get my dogs to the vet.” She drove quickly and carefully.

Patch nearly had his leg broken, and is recovering from puncture wounds. Sydney had her ear ripped up and her hind end torn apart and she almost lost her tail.

Brave Sam, who kept himself between Frances and the pit bull, has a six-inch gash in his side, just below the rib cage where the belly is soft.

The pit bull awaits a grim fate in the pound.

Later that evening, Frances drove around asking questions of her neighbours. No one knows who owns the pit bull. No one admits to owning it.

But Frances now owes $1,200 to the vet who saved her pets. It is a bill she ought not to have to pay. If you know anything, speak up now.

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Representative Wants Pit Bull Law – PIT BULLS ARE FLAWED ANIMALS

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After this week’s deadly dog attack in the metro, a legislator wants to make a law that impose tougher punishments for pit bull owners. However, he thinks it may take another death to get other lawmakers on board.

“It’s a flawed animal,” said Representative Paul Wesselhoft. “Frankly, I believe it belongs in a zoo.”

Representative Paul Wesselhoft once authored a bill to create tougher punishments for pit bull attacks. However, his bill did not get a lot of support.

“We were inundated with emails from all over the United States,” said Representative Wesselhoft.

Representative Wesselhoft says he got the idea to author the bill after meeting a victim of a pit bull attack.

“I know the advocates will say it’s in their nurture and not their nature, but it’s both,” said Representative Wesselhoft.

Rod Goodhue of Pit Bull Rescue Oklahoma says pit bulls are not bred to be aggressive towards humans.

“We can’t just blame the breed and have a knee jerk reaction and want to euthanize or ban a breed,” said Goodhue.

We showed Representative Wesselhoft the story Fox 25 aired about a pit bull attack victim who shared his story after hearing about the deadly dog attack that killed Nellie Davis.

“If you’ve ever been attacked by a pit bull, those memories are still there,” said Cecil Elliott.

Cecil Elliott thinks there should be a law that would impose tougher punishments on pit bull owners if their dogs run loose.

“I think that you have a right to own a pit bull dog, I’m not saying that you don’t, but the dog has a propensity to be more aggressive by nature,” said Elliott.

After watching the story, Representative Wesselhoft was re-inspired to draft legislation. However, he’s not optimistic it will pass.

“It’s pretty tragic that we have to wait until people are killed,” said Representative Wesselhoft. “Maybe it will take another couple of deaths. Maybe another child has to lose their life. It’s unfortunate but sometimes legislation is driven by tragedy.”

Representative Wesselhoft says he plans to draft new legislation within the next few months. He does not want to ban pit bulls. Instead, he’s looking into increasing penalties against dog owners if their pet bites someone.


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Pit bull attacks and kills dog; euthanized

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A pit bull terrier/mix was euthanized Thursday in Streator after it attacked and killed an older toy poodle.

According to Gary Wind, La Salle County Animal Control officer, the incident happened around 9 a.m. at the James Street Recreation Area.

Wind said tissue samples were sent for testing as the pit bull also bit a human.

No further information was available from the Streator Police Department as of Thursday afternoon.

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Horror as family pitbull mauls grandmother to death just weeks after she had a heart transplant

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A grandmother was brutally mauled to death by her granddaughter’s pit bull dog on Wednesday, weeks after moving in to her Oklahoma City home as she recovered from a heart transplant operation.
60-year-old Nellie Davis’ granddaughter found her dead, having suffered horrific injuries, as she returned home to the gruesome scene.
A fierce thunder storm had caused the dog to turn violent, reported. It turned on Davis, causing her horrific injuries that lead to her death.
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Tragic: 60-year-old Nellie Davis, left, was killed by her granddaughter’s pit bull dog (stock image)
As the family grieved, Davis’ husband, Cleveland Davis Sr, told the news site: ‘She had a long illness, from Mother’s Day until a month ago, and finally she had a chance to come home.’
‘I have a heavy heart,’ he added. ‘She’s always been there for me.’

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Beauty queen has a quarter of her skull removed and stored in her STOMACH while she recovers from head injury
Officers first on the grisly scene struggled to contain the vicious pit bull, battling to contain it within the apartment complex.
‘The dog had broke the door so they couldn’t contain him to the kennel. They tried to wedge things in the door to keep the dog in,’ OKC Police Captain Dexter Nelson told
‘They were fearful the dog would attack while they were trying to investigate the scene.’
Officers were forced to put the animal down, which fellow residents said was one of two pit bulls living at the property.

As homicide detectives investigate Davis’ death her distraught husband, Cleveland, said he hoped his wife would be remembered for more than just her death

Grisly: A torn-up shoe found at the scene of Davis’ horrific death
‘I can tell you it’s not uncommon, issues with the dogs,’ neighbour Kenny Reeves said. ‘The cops had been called before for the dogs fighting.
‘Pit bulls need to be in the right setting; they can’t be kept in a cramped little bitty apartment,’ neighbor Kenny Reeves said.
As homicide detectives investigate Davis’ death her distraught husband said he hoped she would be remembered for more than just her death.
‘I really want everyone to know she was a strong lady and a proud lady,’ Mr Davis said. She never complained although she went through so much.’

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