Italy turns on violent pitbulls – Pitbull holocaust

San Benedetto (Ascoli), September 3, 2012 – WHILE walking the dog suddenly emerges a pit bull that attacked dog and owner. Moments of real terror for the woman who, after dinner, at around 21 in via Don Primo Mazzolari, off Via Cervi, Porto d’Ascoli, had gone out to bring his fcane to do the usual walk around the block. Suddenly came out into the street the pitbull that is rash on dog, azzannandolo. Would run the risk of being a very bad time without the timely intervention of the lady, who tried to remove it literally from the jaws of pit bull but in the meantime has also bitten the woman’s hand. An incident that could have far more serious consequences, even if the dog was bitten in the leg, then medicated to the vet and she had to go to the emergency room. Heal in a few days, but the fright was so.

A girl, terrified, he called 113 and a police intervened in place of the police who collected the information through the owners of two dogs and a few witnesses, for any developments in the story, especially towards those who have left pitbull escape the house without a muzzle and leash, as required by law for dogs deemed dangerous. Episodes which, unfortunately, are no longer isolated. A similar story happened in the center of San Benedetto. The cries for help of the girl and the woman attacked by dog in the street drew dozens of residents in the same street Mazzolari.

via Italy turns on violent pitbulls – Pitbull holocaust.


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