Pitbull in fatal attack had always been obedient, inquest hears

Pitbull in fatal attack had always been obedient, inquest hears.
Pitbulls are always obeient untill they kill a child


A PITBULL cross who mauled a four-year-old girl to death had never been aggressive, an inquest into her death has heard.

Ayen Chol died when a dog owned by Melbourne man Lazor Josevski charged into a St Albans house last August and mauled her as she clung to her mother’s leg.

Mr Josevski told the Melbourne Coroner’s Court his son Nick had bought the dog as a pup and it had always been obedient.

He said the dog regularly played with children aged between two and 10 who had come to visit his home and had never shown any aggression.

He said the dog was walked every day and was always calm when around other people or animals.

Josevski, 57, pleaded guilty in April to four charges over the attack and was later fined $11,000.

He said his family had been left horrified since the incident and had since moved home.

The dog, Rex, escaped through an open garage door after Josevski arrived home and parked his car.

It attacked Ayen’s 31-year-old cousin Angelina Mayout and followed her as she ran into the house.

The dog then attacked Ms Mayout’s five-year-old daughter, Nyadeng Goaer, before turning on Ayen, who was terrified and clinging to her mother’s leg.

It grabbed Ayen by the face and dragged her from her mother, shaking her violently, the court heard.

The inquest continues.


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