Act now to stop PIT BULL dogs of terror, attack victim says

via Act now to stop PITBULL dogs of terror, attack victim says.

Khytheria Luong and her dog Hypie before the attack.

MT PRITCHARD resident Khytheria Luong is calling on Fairfield Council to enact a tougher policy against dangerous dogs after she and her two dogs were injured in an attack by an American pitbull last month.

Ms Luong was walking her two dogs, Hypie and Cappuccino, near her home on Meadows Rd when they were attacked by the pitbull.

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Ms Luong escaped the violent attack with bites to her hand, but 12-year-old Hypie’s injuries were so severe the beloved pet was euthanised the next day.

In a desperate attempt to find the aggressor dog and prevent further attacks, Ms Luong has organised a letterbox drop to raise awareness among her neighbours.

She has also called on council to toughen its stance on dangerous dogs.

“This dog will attack again; it’s only a matter of time until the next victim will be a defenceless child, elderly person or a mother with a pram,” Ms Luong said.

“We need a reporting hotline, or national register of dog attacks, and to put more information into the community.”

Ms Luong said she reported the incident to Fairfield Council the day after attack, but was told that council “was powerless” to find the dog.

“I feel there is inaction from Fairfield Council and no sense of responsibility to ongoing threats of dangerous dogs walking the streets,” she said.

“It’s the case of council shifting blame when stating they cannot find the owner.

“It’s a frustrating situation and so many things are out of our control, but I don’t want to hear that a dangerous dog has attacked again.”

A council spokesman said council took matters of dog attacks very seriously and would continue to investigate Ms Luong’s case.

“Council continues to patrol this area but no further sightings have been made since it was reported,” he said.

via Act now to stop PITBULL dogs of terror, attack victim says.


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