Pit bull attacks have Aurora neighborhood on edge

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AURORA – Two dog attacks in one day have Aurora animal control officers and neighbors on alert.

Three dogs attacked two people and their pets last Thursday at Horseshoe Park and the animals have not been caught. That has many neighbors nervous.

Susan Kim’s peaceful day at the park quickly turned into panic.

Kim was walking her puppy, Link, last Thursday afternoon when three dogs surrounded them.

“I was screaming that somebody’s dogs were attacking me,” Kim said. “Their face and their build looked like a Pit bull. As soon as I felt that first bite, I panicked and I couldn’t think of anything else except escaping. They were biting my hair, my arms, and my legs. So, I threw the puppy and then jumped over.”

Pictures taken after the attack show bruises, scratches, and bite marks all over her body.

Aurora Animal Control officers arrived in four minutes, but the dogs were already gone.

“I feel very uneasy,” Kim said. “I can’t even walk in my own park that I’ve walked in everyday for the past year.”

Kathy Cable, a spokesperson for Aurora Animal Care, says there was another dog attack in the park just 20 minutes earlier.

A woman told officers she had to fight off the same three dogs.

Officers searched the park, but found nothing.

Five days after the attacks, officers were still searching the park.

Cable says Horseshoe Park, located near S. Chambers Rd and E. Mexico Ave., is now on Aurora Animal Care’s ‘blitz’ list, which means anytime an officer is in the area, they search the park for three Pit bull type dogs.

Officers suspect the animals live nearby, and their owner took them inside.

Kim says the dogs need to be caught, before they prey on someone else.

“There’s mothers and children all the time,” Kim said. “If there was a baby here, there’s no way that baby would have survived.”

Pit bulls are banned in Aurora and there are also laws against keeping vicious animals and letting dogs run loose. If the dogs are confirmed to be Pit bulls the owners could face charges.

If these dogs are caught, their owners could face fines totaling thousands of dollars and even jail time.

A judge would then decide the fate of the dogs.

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