Police taser pit bull after attack on man in Hawkwood

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CALGARY— City police said it took a stun gun and three officers to restrain a pit bull as it attacked a man and his dog in northwest Calgary.

The man was walking his “fuzzy” Labrador in the 100 block of Hawkwood Way N.W. Wednesday afternoon when he met two dogs that had escaped from a nearby backyard, duty staff sergeant John McCarthy told reporters at the scene.

Police said a scuffle broke out between the Labrador and the pit bull and the Labrador owner was bitten on the leg as he tried fending off the dog with a stick.

Officers found the pit bull on top of the Labrador and used a Taser to subdue it.

“It was effective, to a certain extent,” McCarthy said. “But then the officers had to go in and basically wrestle the pit bull down.”

Meanwhile, the German shepherd cross — “Sasha” — was “running around trying to say hello to everybody,” McCarthy said.

Steve Daley, a tenant of the house where the dogs reside, arrived on scene shortly after the skirmish. Daley was seen shouting at both dogs as they were detained in separate police cars.

Afterwards, he said it was likely the pit bull — “Theta” — was play fighting with the other dog. McCarty said it appeared to be much more than roughhousing, based on the officers’ account.

“It didn’t look like dogs having a pleasant visit on the street,” he said. “It looked like a dog attack.”

EMS said the dog owner was treated at the scene, but did not need to be sent to hospital. The Labrador suffered “serious injury,” according to police.

Daley, who recently moved in with the dogs’ separate owners, said Theta is being unfairly judged based on breed.

“He’s just a big, scary-looking dog,” Daley said. “Do you hate somebody because they’re big?”

Theta is currently being held at a City of Calgary facility while animal and bylaw services investigates. They’re waiting to speak with the dogs’ owners.

Charges are pending against the owners of the escaped dogs.

With files from Clara Ho, Calgary Herald

Read more: http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/Editorial+Adding+bite/7149164/story.html#ixzz25e1NcvvJ

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