Pit Bull Attack: Neighbors fighting for protection

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SAN ANTONIO – Elizabeth Hernandez said her husband was walking the couple’s two dogs when a pit bull attacked on Wednesday.

“They were punching him and it didn’t even phase the pit bull. They’re so strong,” Hernandez said.

Armed with complaints from other neighbors, she is hoping Animal Care Services will do something to protect people in her North Side neighborhood. According to Hernandez, the owner of the pit bull allows the dog to roam unleashed and alone in the front yard.

On Thursday ACS sent an officer to the home where a docile, mix-breed dog was picked up and taken away. But neighbors want to know happened to the pit bull?

“The pit bull crossed over and attacked on this corner of the lot,” said Hernandez.

She described how the pit bull ran up to her husband and jumped on her puppy, Fey. Hernandez says Fey has a punctured lung and eight broken bones after being tossed around like a chew toy. Umo, her other dog wasn’t hurt. She said he ran around the block to the family’s home, frightened by the incident.

“There’s always bad news with pit bulls, but it the owner’s responsibility,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez is alerting neighbors about the pit bull. She doesn’t think the dog should ever be allowed outside alone. She filed a complaint with ACS and hopes homeowners will do the same.

We talked to a homeowner who said she was planning to go to the Animal Care Services facility and sign an affidavit because of concerns about the pit bull roaming loose and posing a threat.

Hernandez is knocking on her neighbors doors, telling them to beware of the dog and try to protect themselves from harm.

According to city code, after getting complaints or sworn statements, ACS can decide to take a dog from the pet owner to protect people and animals nearby.

Join the largest anti violent pit bull and pit bull owner forum in the world


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