Watch out when it Storms -Friendly and Nice Pit Bull Mauls and kills owner

Isnt it easier to blame a storm then the animals breed….

EFFERSON COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) — A pit bull attacked and killed its owner, a 45-year-old woman, Friday night around 11 pm.

Renee Roberts loved all animals and has even been known to adopt strays. However, when Major Lafayette Woods arrived to Roberts’ home in Pine Bluff, he described the scene as horrific. Roberts’ husband came home from the neighbors to find the dog, Zeus, pacing by his wife’s body with his mouth, paws and neck bloody. The dog also lunged at police when they arrives, keeping them away from her body. The police then had to shoot the dog.

Roberts’ friend, Marla Glover, says that Renee really loved Zeus. Glover said that Zeus would crawl up in her lap and he was real playful. She guessed that Zeus weighed in at probably more than a hundred pounds. She thinks the storms that moved through last Friday night could’ve sparked the attack, too.

Animal control also captured another dog inside the home, and is still there.

Jefferson County does have a vicious animal control ordinance in affect. However, Major Woods says it doesn’t apply in this case because Roberts owned the dog and the attack happened inside her home.


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