Monroe family wants to know who owns pit bull that attacked girl, her small dog

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MONROE, N.C. – Taylor Ponds, 17, said she just wanted to save her dog when she was bitten on both arms this past weekend by a pit bull that attacked them both.

Taylor had taken her dog Baxter outside on Saturday when the pit bull came toward them.

“I think I startled the pit bull when I picked Baxter up and that is when the pit bull started jumping on my back,” she said.

No one knows where the pit bull came from.

The family has a picture of the dog that was taken the day before the attack when it showed up at their back door.

Now, suddenly it was back and attacking Taylor, who described what happened next.

“That’s when he grabbed my arm. Then he lets go of my arm and grabs my dog’s face and he is pulling Baxter’s face towards the ground,” said Taylor.

Bleeding from bite marks on her arm, the teen tried to put Baxter in the bed of a pickup truck, but the pit bull climbed in after them.

So Taylor grabbed her dog and ran into a neighbor’s garage and grabbed a dust mop.

“I grab a duster and start hitting the pit bull over the head with the duster,” she said.

By then, her father was there and helped close the door to the garage with the dog inside, where it remained until animal control arrived to take it away.

Taylor’s mother, Laura, said she would like to know who the owners of the pit are, if only to find out if the dog – which is being tested for rabies – did have all its shots.

Laura Ponds also marveled at the bravery of her daughter.

“Unbelievable to me that she would think so much of her own pet that she wasn’t even worried about herself,” she said.

For now, the pit bull remains at Monroe Animal Services while the search for the owner continues and the rabies tests are completed.

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PIT BULL HOLOCAUST FORUMS – Join the largest anti violent pit bull and anti pit bull owner forum in the world


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