School bus driver saves dog, owner from pit bull attack

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A pure act of bravery from a school bus driver in Canandaigua saved a dog and probably the dog’s owner and her grandchild. It happened when he was driving his bus Monday afternoon and saw two pit bulls attacking a golden retriever.

These dogs weren’t on the loose. They were all on leashes getting walked. But when the retriever passed the pit bulls, they attacked.

Luckily — David Bliss was driving by on his school bus at the very same  time.

“They both had the dog in their mouth and they were just tearing,” Bliss said. “Just pulling and pulling and pulling. ”

There were no children on the bus at the time. Bliss said he finished his final run and was heading back to the district garage. But that’s when he came upon the attack and instinct took over.

“I came up and yanked on the emergency brake and jumped out and landed on top of the dogs and I just started wailing on them,” Bliss said. He eventually got down on the ground to demonstrate what he did.

“I was laying on top of them like this, when I got on top of them,” he said. “They had her ears and neck and they were just turning her one way and then another and so I’m pounding away and pounding away and my right knee was on the chest of the one.”

The pit bulls were only attacking the retriever, but the retriever’s owner, Cynthia Devaney, was on the ground with her grandchild. The grandchild was in a stroller which was tied to the retriever’s leash.

After one punch to brown dog’s snout, Bliss says they both let go. His bottom lip was scratched. His right hand was bit through. “Oh yeah. The top jaw here and the bottom jaw down here,” he said.

Bliss says he doesn’t remember thinking about what he did.
it was pure instinct.

“No regrets? ” I asked.
“No. Absolutely none. Nope. I’d do it again tomorrow, in a heart beat.”

The pit bulls are quarantined in cages at their home. There’s a hearing in Canandaigua Town Court on what to do with them in 10 days. The Humane Society in Ontario County told us the owner — Rose Burnett — is getting charged with two counts of harboring a dangerous dog.

The retriever has bit wounds to its neck and ears. It’s back home tonight. We tried to talk to it’s owner — Devaney — but we couldn’t reach her at home.


PIT BULL HOLOCAUST FORUMS – Join the largest anti violent pit bull and anti pit bull owner forum in the world


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