Grandma got eaten by a pit bull

Authorities are searching for a dog that attacked a 70-year-old grandmother in the Bronx.

The dog’s owner Sammy Smith said he believed the pitbull named Tony snapped and bit his grandmother in the face, while she was feeding Tony’s three puppies inside the Baychester home they share with five pitbulls in total.

Smith said he rushed to his grandmother’s aid and pulled the dog off of her, but that the damage had already been done. Smith was also bit by the dog on the leg and finger.

He said in the four years the family has owned the pitbulls this was a first.

“I’m surprised, she usually plays with the dogs,” Smith said. “I dont know what happened this morning.”

Sabrina Santiago, a neighbor, said she heard the woman screaming.

“People were coming down the stairs to help her, we see them bring out so much blood,” Santiago said.

Now Tony is on the loose after running away in all the commotion.

Smith said his grandmother is in surgery at Jacobi Hospital and is expected to be okay. Sadly, he said, once his dog is found he will likely have to put it down.

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