Separate NY pitbull attacks result in 2 injuries

This breed of dog should be banned nation wide.Anyone currently owning one should be required to carry a insurance card guaranteeing 1 million dollars to each person attacked by their dog.Anyone caught with a pit bull not insured, minimum ten years in prison and the dog destroyed.

EW YORK — A Westchester County woman was injured and her dog fatally attacked when a neighbor’s pitbull ran out into the street.

Josephine Catalfamo of Mamaroneck told WCBS-TV ( ) that she was walking her 11-pound French breed dog, Ane, on Florence Street on Tuesday when the pitbull grabbed her dog and refused to let go.

Residents have circulated a petition to have the pitbull removed from the neighborhood.

In a separate incident in the Bronx, a pitbull attacked a 70-year-old woman.

The dog’s owner and grandson of the victim said he tried to pull the dog away.

The woman is in serious condition. She was bit on the face and neck.

The pitbull ran off and has not been found.

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