Baby formula causes pit bulls to kill baby

A three-week-old baby has been mauled to death by a pit bull in the US.

The child had been staying at the home of a family friend in Detroit when the two-year-old dog attacked her.

She was taken to Sinai-Grace Hospital in the city, but died of her injuries.

Police removed the dog from the house and destroyed it.

Officers described the baby’s death as a tragedy and said no charges would be brought against the animal’s owners.

The child had just been fed and was sitting in a car seat on the dining room floor when the dog managed to get into the house.

Officers said the animal mauled the infant’s face while her 24-year-old mother’s back was turned.

The family claimed the dog was not vicious and believe it smelled baby formula on the infant’s clothes.

However, neighbour Rose Hill said the dog was well known in the area.

“They have a pole in their hand to get in the backyard. If the dog is that vicious … you shouldn’t even have the dog, period,” she said.

“We see pit bulls everywhere now. You shouldn’t have to be scared to come out of your house and see any kind of dog sitting up there. That’s not right at all.”

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