Boy mauled in PA pit bull attack settles for more than $500,000

And this, folks, is what’s entirely wrong with “blame the deed, not the breed”. A kid will grow up with a permanently scarred face and Traveler’s, whether it’s legally responsible or not, finally settles and foots the bill, 40% of which goes to legal costs. The owner, meanwhile will be forced to get a better insurance policy and that’s about it. Justice served, I guess.

Ya know, I’d be interested to see how many pit bull advocates get up in arms about this arrangement, since this seems to be a perfect specimen of “bad” owner that they love to talk about punishing. Now’s your chance pitters! Let’s hear you howl as loud as you do when I suggest that you simply put a muzzle on your fighting dog.

A boy mauled in a Pennsylvania pit bull attack settled his civil case for $508,613 last week, according to news reports.

The boy, Ajia Brown of Uncasville, Conn., was 8 years old when the attack happened in Hanover, Pa., in June 2010. Ajia spent more than a week in a hospital and needed 17 surgeries for injuries that left his face permanently scarred.

Common Pleas Judge Penny Blackwell approved the settlement between Ajia and his mother and Travelers Insurance, the company representing the dog’s owner. The company also will pay more than $8,000 in medical expenses, according to reports.

Travelers, the dog owner’s homeowners insurance carrier, tried to block the suit, saying it had no legal responsibilities to pay for Ajia’s injuries. As part of the settlement, Travelers agreed to pay its liability policy limit of $500,000 and the $8,61 medical expense payment.

The $308,000 remains of Ajia’s settlement – after attorney fees, court costs and outstanding health carrier liens – have gone into a court-approved structured settlement annuity plan, according to reports.

In April, a judge found the dog’s owner guilty of harboring dangerous dogs, failing to vaccinate the dogs for rabies and failing to license them with the county. That conviction requires the owner, in part, to keep a $50,000 liability insurance policy on the pit bull.


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