What we must do to end the pit bull problem and why arguing on facebook is pointless

Arguing with pit bull advocates it pointless. They rely on sketchy information and they know it. Their argument is not one based on evidence or logic, but on emotion. They love their pets. Who doesn’t love their pet? Nevertheless, because they have chosen to own an extremely powerful dog bred for fighting and bring it into our midst, they are putting us at an unacceptable degree of risk.

Their mentality is much like the serial drunk driver who’s never caused a car accident and feels picked on because of the behavior of all the “bad” drunk drivers out there. By their thinking, we should legalize drunk driving and then only punish those who manage to maim or kill and simply charge them as if it were some routine driver error.

That’s the logic behind “punish the deed, not the breed”. Instead of preventing catastrophe, just wait for the next one, deal with that as just some “tragic accident” and pretend there is no pattern.

But instead of bickering with people who will never reconsider their selfish and immature decisions, get organized and push for laws. Force owners to muzzle their dogs whenever they are outside the house and stop putting us all at risk because of their need to own a fighting breed.

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