The dark history of pit bulls – all pit bulls were born to kill

This attack was “good” pit bull behavior, a pit bull doing EXACTLY what cruel humans created pit bulls to do. Not all pits are as “good” as this pit bull was, and some pits don’t mature for years, but like it or not, this is “good” pit bull behavior, ability and instinct.
The AKC was founded in 1884, but would not accept the registration of the fighting dog. So the UKC began in 1898, to register the APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier). The very first registration was given to the founder’s own pit, “Bennett’s Ring”. Unlike the AKC which is a just beauty pageant for dogs, the UKC stresses form (body shape) and function (ability to do the “job” the breed was created to do.) In order for your UKC registered dog to become a UKC Champion, it had to show it could win doing his breed’s work. Bird dogs had to win in bird dog trials,
herding dogs had to win in sheepdog trials.

What “job” did the APBT need to win, in order to be A Champion? No, not a “nanny dog” contest, no, that nickname wouldn’t be invented until the pit mongers began their propaganda campaign in the 1980’s. The APBT had to win 3 dog fights (kill other dogs) with a UKC referee in attendance to file a report with the UKC. The official UKC dog fighting rules are still commonly used in the pit bull fancier (nice name for fighter) community.
Your pit bull may not be a “good” pit bull (yet), but the worst traits of the pit bull, created by their cruel breeders, to not need a reason to attack, to not try to avoid a confrontation, to not give warning before attacking. Add the mutation to not stop even if the victim submits, yelps, says uncle, is dead and you have the best fighting dog. Want proof? Pits are the dog that ALL US dog fighters still use, even with countless available breeds/combinations. Pits are different. Pits are the best at killing other dogs.

These mutations from normal dog communication skills were necessary for the pits to be “good” at fighting. Normal dogs, taken off territory, have other behaviors. Take a bunch of beagles to a field, and they may not even greet each other, as they are immediately intent on sniffing and hunting for rabbits. If the beagle attacked the other beagles, that was his last time out. Take some good Border collies to a sheepdog trial. They may sniff each other, but soon turn their attention to herding sheep. If the Border collie bites a sheep, he immediately releases, as BCs were bred to move their “opponent”, not maul them. The Border collie who killed another dog or a sheep was not bred, instead he became dead.
The pit bull fanciers (fighters) did chose the pits who would stand quietly (barking and growling would bring the illegal fight to the attention of the authorities) not giving warning, not wasting energy, dogs, who when turned toward the “opponent”, immediately raced across the pit to began the fight to the death. “Kill or die trying” was the motto the pit fanciers gave their pride and joy, the pit bull.
Ban pit breeding and sale of pups. Enact and enforce spay/neuter microchipping of all pits, pit mixes, all dog aggressive dogs. No responsible, educated pit owner is punished, as his dogs ARE spays/neuters. Pit mongers insist that pits are “just dogs, just like other dogs” and that behavior is dependent on management /training We disagree, but ok pit mongers, we’ll take you on your word. Let pits become extinct. Since you say all dogs are the same, you can adopt any available (pits will become rare/then extinct) dog and train her to be your charming pet. Pit crisis solved!


One thought on “The dark history of pit bulls – all pit bulls were born to kill

  1. How the hell are you gonna blame a breed on what humans trained it to do over 100 years ago. Forcing sterilization/extermination of a whole race of dogs because people are afraid of a big dog. I understand putting the dog to sleep because of it being aggressive. The pitbull is a working dog, my dog competes in ukc weightpull competitions & his uncle is 2011 ukc national champion. The breed has evolved over years creating a bigger dog installing even more fear into weak minds. I don’t breed my dogs to fight or to be aggressive at all other then watch my house & backyard. A loose German Shepard attempted to attack my 4 year old sister riding her tricycle on the driveway, luckily my pitbull was outside with my sister & mom and scared the aggressive German Shepard away without attacking or leaving our yard while not on a leash. If your gonna exterminate all dogs that attack you might as well exterminate all dogs. I can tell you right now I’ve been bitten by more chihuahuas then anything so how bout you start there. You need to go to a legitimate ukc pitbull show. There’s a brighter side then the negativity that’s highlighted in the media, me as a owner & future breeder/trainer have had pitbulls all my life and developed an understanding of the mindset and mentality of the APBT. It’s the owner that effects the mentality of the dog. You can’t exterminate a race & blame it because what humans 100 years ago trained it to do.

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