Code words for pit bulls – Boxer Mix – Warning to land lords and apartments!!!!

John Curtis, with Palisades Property Management shared that when it comes to renting out homes, to go on your gut feeling. A red flag to watch out for are when a person says they have a “Boxer Mix” it usually indicates a pit bull. There are many code words people have come up with for pit bulls to get around owners not allowing them. He advises home owners to visit the house the potential renters live in currently to get an idea of how they live. For more info contact John at 530-470-0303.

don’t say “pit bull” on the next application. say boxer-mix, hound-mix… whatever. just play down the bully breed.

boxer crosses

Just lie and say shes a boxer, sharpei mix. My grandma had one that looked like a pit bull. I love pits there my favorite breed along with the rottweiler and petit basset griffon vendeen I hate how in most communitys you can’t have them!!! I could tell the difference but thats cause I specilize in identifying dog breeds! (dogs are my life) but most couldn’t tell the difference if their lives depended on it! I’d just lie!

I always claimed my two Pits to be lab/Boxer mix and the other was lab/jack russell (based on colors and markings) Yes it may be wrong but if youhave to then so be it.. many people have to because BSL is so bad now..


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