Cudley and Cute – Pit Bull Mauls 9-year-old Girl – Ban the violent pit bull breed – support BSL

Marshall County) A nine-year-old girl was mauled by a pit bull. It happened around 3:45 p.m. on Pin Oak Road just south of Byhalia. The little girl, Makala Parker, is at Le Bonheur recovering from her injuries.

“According to her he had her head and he was shaking her,” Makala’s grandfather, Jeff Hughes, said.

Hughes said his neighbors pit bull ferociously bit into his precious granddaughter
ripping her school uniform to shreds.

“He grabbed her in her shoulder and her legs. He put a four-inch gash behind her neck,” Hughes said.

Hughes said Makala had just come home from school when she went down the street to hang out with friends. When she opened their door the dog attacked.

“She has been around the dog a zillion times,” Hughes said. “I guess, being locked up in that bedroom all day long it got out and went nuts.”

Hughes said luckily a neighbor was walking their dog along the road, and their caught the attention of the pit bull.

“Smiley tried to get the pitt’s attention and it started chasing her,” Victoria Cox said.

The pit bull bit Smiley several times.

“She had to get staples and stuff,” Cox said. “It’s really bad under her butt.”

While the dog attacked Smiley, neighbors had time to get Makala help.

“I think she’s (Smiley) kind of a hero,” Cox said.

Makala was airlifted to the hospital. Her grandfather said she’ll have a long road to recovery.

“She’s going to be sore for a while and she’s going to need stitches behind her neck,” he said. “I’m sure they’ll cut her hair off. But she should be fine.”

The dog was taken by the Marshall County Animal Control. It is in quarantine. The owner of the dog has apologized to the family.


One thought on “Cudley and Cute – Pit Bull Mauls 9-year-old Girl – Ban the violent pit bull breed – support BSL”

  1. I am Makalas mom Jennifer. We are approaching the 1 year mark of her attack. I thank God everyday that Makala survived her horrific attack. Makala had a speedy recovery and is doing better than any of us ever expected. She returned to school within a week of her attack and is now in the 5th grade. I also woul like to thank everyone for their prayers and support for my precious baby and our family.

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