Drunk pit bull advocate runs into someones home and scares them and sets pit bull free..

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) – Imagine cooking dinner, enjoying a nice family evening when a stranger with a pit-bull suddenly barges through your backdoor.

It sounds scary and it’s exactly what happened to one South Fargo family.

It was about 6:30 yesterday evening, still daylight, when the Sailer family got a very unexpected visitor.

An intoxicated stranger walked into the house behind me and immediately unleashed his pit bull to roam free throughout the house.

Scott Sailer, Stranger Walked in Home: “We’re just standing here and this guy walks right in the door. Stands at the landing down there and he has a dog and just lets him loose right into the house.”

Darcy Sailer, Stranger Walked in Home: “I said, “Excuse me,” really loud to him and he made eye contact with me and then I said it again and he made eye contact with me again and it was finally the third time that I said something that he realized, he didn’t know who I was.”

With frightened children playing in the living room, the family says the confrontation lasted just a few minutes before Scott Sailer retrieved the dog and the man left.

Scott Sailer: “You don’t think of leaving your door locked when you’re home.”

Darcy Sailer: “I think when the shock was over, I just had a pit in my stomach, thinking, what had my daughter been home alone and that door not locked, what would she have done.”

While the Sailers and Fargo police believe this man had no ill-intentions, both say it’s a simple reminder that things like this can and do happen in our neighborhoods.

Lt. Joel Vettel, Fargo Police Department: “Your primary goal has to be your own personal safety.”

Fargo police say in these changing times, it’s not only important to lock your doors, but also for neighbors to form a sense of community and watch out for each other.

Lt. Vettel: “We rely on their ability to hear those things and see those things that are unusual for their area and call us.”

As for whether this door will ever be unlocked again?

Darcy Sailer: “Our door is always open, and it won’t be anymore.”

Fargo police say there’s a rising trend in property crime throughout the city and the Jefferson Elementary School neighborhood is no exception.

Burglaries in this area are up 17 percent over the first 9 months this year.


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