Gator pit bulls more agressive ???

The term Gator PitBulls originated from either one of two popular fighting dogs named or nicknamed Gator. Both dogs were heavily bred in the hopes of producing champion fighters. Such bred dogs were smaller and much leaner than the style of dog that many are looking for today like Bra’tac. Because dog fighting is no longer a popular activity, people in general would rather own a dog that is less aggressive such as Bra’tac. In reality the majority of people today that claim to have a Gator Mouth PitBull have no idea as to the true ancestry of their dog. The term Gator Pitbuls is used by most without any evidence that Gator is found in the blood at all. Those dogs that may have actually descended from one of the original Gator PitBulls carry so little of that blood that very few could truly be worthy of the Gator name.


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