Give out free pit bulls they said , nothing bad will happen they said… Don’t “bull-ieve” everything about pit bulls

On October 6 San Diego County Animal Services, San Diego Humane Society and Chula Vista Animal Control kicked off a “Dare to Bull-ieve” adoption special, waiving adoption fees and giving away Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes free to local residents for the month of October.

An announcement posted on San Diego County Center News on October 3 is headlined, “Don’t “bull-ieve” everything you’ve heard about pit bull dogs. They can be affectionate, charming pets. And October is the time to get one of your very own – for free.”

Residents in San Diego’s National City might not share this confidence after two Pit Bulls chased a group of children near an elementary school on Tuesday and were later shot as they tried to attack a police officer. A 4-year-old girl was bitten and seriously wounded in a separate pit bull attack in National City on that same day, according to

National City is in San Diego County and is bounded by San Diego on the north and Chula Vista to the south.

A National City Police officer responded around 12:35 p.m. to frantic calls from local residents that two Pit Bulls were running loose and chasing children near Palmer Way Elementary School on East Plaza Boulevard, reports.

The officer located the Pit Bulls and followed them into a canyon behind the school, according to the report. The police officer then contacted animal control to come and capture the dogs.

However, while waiting for animal control to respond, the Pit Bulls charged the officer and he opened fire, killing both dogs, police stated.

Two hours earlier a 4-year-old girl was bitten and seriously wounded in a pit bull attack about a mile away. The young child suffered severe wounds to her face and shoulder. She was taken to Rady Children’s Hospital, where she underwent surgery and was listed in serious but stable condition on Wednesday, reports.

The dog owner in this second incident was arrested on a charge of felony child endangerment and other charges. The woman, who was not identified, relinquished ownership of the animal and it was taken to a shelter for an eight-day quarantine, after which a decision will be made on its fate, National City police stated.

The San Diego County News “Dare-to- Bull-ieve” page states that 55 Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes are waiting at the San Diego animal shelter to be claimed by their owner or adopted into a new forever family, with the $69 adoption fee waived.

“While many people have a predetermined belief regarding the breed, pit bulls can be and, in fact, are very loyal and lovable pets,” said Dawn Danielson, Director of Animal Services. “It is our hope that people will look past the stereotypes and come and visit our dogs and see for themselves, and then take one home.”


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