Pit Bull Victims Mother Speaks Out


The mother of a yound boy mauled by a pit bull and left with permanent scarring and life altering injuries speaks out about the tragic consequences of a vicious pit bull attack and the toll it takes on them all. One of the worst aspects is they are forced to relive it at times and will for years to come.

Join us in demanding justice for all pit bull victims, sign the petitions!




4 thoughts on “Pit Bull Victims Mother Speaks Out”

  1. You fucking piece of shit twats. You people are the most uneducated, ignorant pieces of shit. Why don’t you point the finger at mankind. You know the people who have managed to turn a beautiful, loving breed into monsters. I’ve worked with dogs all my life at vets and as a groomer and I’ve been attacked by numerous chihuahuas, westies, yorkies and shih tzus, but I have never, EVER met a mean pitbull. I have to of them. My ones previous owner overbred here and when she wasn’t producing enough puppies he poured acid on her and knocked a majority of her teeth out and somehow she forgave mankind and has so much love to give. She got attacked by a golden retriever at the dog park and she ran away screaming. What a monster right. Seriously go fuck yourself. Humans are the monsters. the dogs that attack are either one, trained by humans, or two, poorly bred or inbred and being that you know everything you would know that inbreeding anything causes severe neurological problems. Im guessing that’s what happened to all you dumb asses.

    you sound like you got a chip on your shoulder
    but at least you admit dogs can attack because of genetic predisposition , making you smarter then 10000 other advocates
    come debate us http://www.lotbjh.athena-server.com/index.php/board,37.0.html

    1. ANY dog can have that predisposition if inbred or poorly bred…but who’s doing the inbreeding dumb ass? Oh that’s right…humans. So why don’t we start euthanizing the pieces of shit who breed these dogs for their own sick enjoyment and quit blaming the dogs who can’t fend for themselves. The same thing would be happening with golden retrievers or labs if they were the ones chosen to fight but they weren’t. Pitbulls were. They didn’t ask for it…humans forced it on them. your such a moron

      come debate us http://www.lotbjh.athena-server.com/index.php/board,37.0.html

      1. any breed can be trained to be a fighter especially if they’re not neutered. My neighbors have 2 goldens both are intact males and they sent my uncles boxer/pit masy to train, they will stand by their owner no matter what, they are strong and they have an intimidating look. I’m not denying that there are dogs out there who people have molded into mosters because the human race is a disgusting thing, but you can’t blame the breed blame the ghetto ass mother fuckers who think it’s fun to fight they’re dog, who haven’t gotten their dogs neutered because it makes them more aggressive, who instead of given their dogs a home to feel safe they tie a 20lb 2 foot metal chain around their neck…there are Terrible people in this world…people abuse their dogs and their children, people who murder, rape, and steal…you can’t blame the whole human race because there are good people out there….same goes for pitbulls.

      2. Part of my comment some how got deleted…*they sent my uncles boxer/pit to the emergency room when he got to close to the fence by ripping his face open…they’ve gone after my moms dogs and my dogs many times…not to mention me as well. I’ve worked at doggy daycare where fights break out EVERYDAY. And you know who’s fighting? Labs, goldens, Dalmatians, English bulldogs, all of them…they’re fucking dogs! They’re part wolf what do you expect. Pitbulls are easy to train….* the rest is in thr other comment

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