Happy Birthday DogsBite.org

DogsBite.org Turns Five-Years Old
DogsBite.org – October 15, 2012 marks the fifth year that DogsBite.org has been operating on the World Wide Web, documenting statistics and providing resources to help prevent serious dog attacks. Our news comes on the heels of a press release issued for the upcoming October Tucson event: Walk for Victims of Pit Bulls and Other Dangerous Dogs. National dog bite victims’ advocates, including founder Colleen Lynn and Anthony Solesky will be speaking at the event.

DogsBite.org hopes to see you in Tucson, Arizona on October 27!

A world of change has occurred since last October, starting in January when Animal People editor Merritt Clifton released a 30-year summary of Dog Attack Deaths and Maimings, U.S. & Canada. The report shows a great escalation in pit bull maulings in the past 10 years. Furthermore, 39% of pit bull attacks involving serious injury and death in the last 30 years have occurred since 2007 alone, when national animal groups ramped up their pit bull advocacy due to Michael Vick.

In April 2012, the highest court in Maryland set off a firestorm by declaring, “pit bulls are inherently dangerous” and attached strict liability when a pit bull attacks. DogsBite.org launched the Maryland Dog Bite Victims Advocacy web page and email alert list to help citizens and groups take action to support the Court’s decision. After a failed attempt by Maryland legislators to override the Court’s ruling in August, the Pit Bull Task Force is set to meet again on October 25.

News about the Pit Bull Task Force arrives as fatal dog attacks in the United States reach record-breaking frequency. From September 1 to October 4, nine U.S. citizens were killed by canines. 67% of these attacks involved pit bulls, of these attacks, 100% involved a pet pit bull killing a family member. The U.S. is on track to surpass 40 fatal dog attacks for the year of 2012. Without the growing dog bite victim advocacy movement, there would be even more fatal dog attacks.


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