Was kill a pit bull night set up by pit bull advocates to get support for pit bulls ?

Kill a pit bull night – October 31st has made the rounds on most social and news media , where it has been exposed as a hoax . The real question is who would benefit from such a hoax and the why it falls on October 31st , coincidentally at the end of pit bull awareness month giving pit bulls more positive attention.

From 1 tweet saying “kill a pit bull day oct 31st HAHA” we have seen over 20 local and national news reports where pit bull advocates bring out their pit bulls saying how nice a dog they are and how scared they are from the crazies that hate their dogs.

They have used the the so called people that want to poison pit bulls – WHICH IS DESPICABLE and applied it to those that have concerns about pit bulls not being appropriate in suburbia or people that want BSL for pit bull owners that dogs maul are forced to have insurance so that medical bills can be paid.

So far pit bull advocates have already made legal threats about this tweet , smeared anyone that does not love pit bulls as a possible poisoner and tried to apply it to dogsbite.org and other pro bsl websites as encouraging this vile event.

The net positive effect of running such a campaign seems to hurt the cause for BSL and pit bull BANS , while all it has done is use the media to promote pit bulls , try to remove the notice of all the attacks pit bulls do including the baby in Detroit on October 4 and last it ties in with pit bull awareness month giving advocates more notice for the pit bull.

Was kill a pit bull day created by a pit bull advocate to give pit bulls media attention……

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