Violence threatened on pit bull victims – Walk for pit bull victims

Angela M Granata Triplett· Top Commenter

wow I’d love to go to the event and kick some Sorry Hatin and uneducated peoples asses! To all of you that hate the Pitbull and anyother dog based simply on it’s breed…..FUCK YOU!
Berlin the Great

I wish I could be there.. to throw bottles at them. Hateful bigots.

Gill Thomas · Top Commenter · Knoxville, Tennessee

We should go and hand out mayo sarnies to the haters, that is acceptable food to them.
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Mary Es Crossposting Etzkorn · · Self employed at Crossposting Across America

I hope another pitbull finds her and eats her…
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2 thoughts on “Violence threatened on pit bull victims – Walk for pit bull victims

  1. Psychology today found years ago that owners of aggressive breeds commit crimes ten times more often than owners of more docile breeds.
    This is just a sampling of the initmidation pitbull owners attempt to silence victims. Gladly the walk and events in the park HAVE ONSITE POLICE SECURITY to carry those who don’t want to allow freedom of assembly away..
    Science has also found that owners of aggressive breeds are more HOSTILE. Ya think? Employers can screen weed out potentially hostile employees now by seeing what kind of dog breed they own on facebook. No need for expensive psych tests.

  2. A recent British Study found that the strongest predictor for choosing a dog associated with aggression was to have a personality which was “lower in agreeableness”. This meant they were more likely to have traits such as being less interested in the well-being of others, being more suspicious, unfriendly and competitive. Pitbull Owners take sociopathy to a whole new level, they don’t even try and hide their sickness, they openly and with pride advocate for the continuation of untold human and animal suffering. They make me sick!

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