Typical pit bull owning coward – runs away when pit bull attacks – ban pit bulls in australia

THE life of a pit bull involved in an attack that led to the death of a guide dog is now in Banyule Council’s hands.

The Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court today found Heidelberg West man Tarren Braunton guilty of four charges after the August 9 incident in which three of his dogs escaped his Plunkett St property.

One of the four charges involved an attack by restricted pit bull cross ‘Buddy’ on cocker spaniel ‘Bosley’.

Bosley’s owner, Allan Close, of Ivanhoe, was walking the cocker spaniel and his brother Andrew’s guide dog ‘Matilda’, when the attack happened.

The court heard Matilda ran away after Buddy began attacking Bosley.

Matilda was eventually found dead, after being hit by a car on Bell St.

Magistrate Michael Wighton said the council would decide Buddy’s fate and ordered Mr Braunton, who is unemployed, to pay more than $4000 in costs.

Braunton’s other dogs, a restricted pit bull cross and a bull terrier, were deemed not at fault.

In court, Allan Close said when he found Matilda on the night she was almost dead.

“Matilda was barely alive, she was breathing hard and close to death,” Mr Close said.

Braunton said he had done everything he could to stop Buddy from attacking the other dog.


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