Pit bull Mauling victim has surgeries – Most dangerous dog breed

he North Carolina man mauled by pit bulls Wednesday in Henry County remained hospitalized Thursday, authorities said.

Perry Gann, 52, of Stoneville, was scheduled for surgery at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Thursday morning to repair “extensive damage” he sustained after being mauled by two pit bull dogs, according to Henry County Sheriff’s Lt. Eric Winn.
Gann’s condition was not available Thursday afternoon, Winn said.
According to police, a passing motorist called 911 Wednesday to report seeing Gann bleeding on the shoulder of U.S. 220 south.
After sheriff’s deputies and members of the Ridgeway Rescue Squad arrived at the scene, Gann said he had been attacked by the pit bulls on Cabin Hill Drive, Winn said.
Although Gann lives in North Carolina, he sometimes visits Henry County, Winn said. Investigators were told by a family member that Gann was in the Ridgeway area Wednesday because he was concerned about a friend.
Gann “hadn’t heard from the friend, and basically was doing a well-being check on the friend” when Gann’s vehicle ran out of gas, Winn said.
Gann’s vehicle was sitting on the side of the road, Winn said, and estimated the vehicle was about a half-mile to three-fourths of a mile from Gann when he was found.
Authorities do not know why he was on Cabin Hill Drive.
“We’re not sure if the friend lived there in that area, or if Mr. Gann was going to get fuel,” Winn said. But in the early morning hours, Gann would have had to go to Sheetz, a local convenience store, to buy gas because nothing else was open.
Gann was headed in the direction of the store, “but he still had probably four miles” to go, the lieutenant said.
Authorities also do not know what provoked the dogs to attack Gann.
“At this point, we’re working on that, too. We’re not sure what it was that brought this on,” Winn said.
The dogs are quarantined in the county’s animal shelter, authorities have said. It also is not known whether the dogs are current on their rabies or other vaccines.
“We are still working to determine who the dogs belonged to,” Winn said. “We know they belonged there within that trailer park. I think they were the only two dogs that were seen that night.”
Cabin Hill Drive is a small, gravel drive just off of U.S. 220 that “goes out to about four trailers,” Winn said.
Gann sustained injuries to several areas of his body, with extensive injuries to his extremities, according to police.
He initially was taken to Memorial Hospital in Martinsville and then flown to Wake Forest where he was in critical but stable condition on Wednesday afternoon, authorities have said.
Anyone with any information about the incident is asked to call investigator J.A. Stanley at 656-4238 or the sheriff’s office at 638-8751.

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