Why posting pictures of pit bulls from the 1800s and 1900’s , calling them nanny dogs , or posting little rascals pictures does not work. – Pit bulls bad for your health .

One of the stupidest tactics used by pit bull advocates is to post images of pit bulls from the past , you know the past where women could not vote , slavery was a good idea , smoking and Leeches made good medicine , yeah lets go back in time pit bull advocates.

little rascals pit bull
How cute little rascals with a pit bull – see they make good pets


Aww little rascals doing black face thats so cool and not racist lets go out and do it now!!!

aww how cute
aww how cute girl from the 1800s , 1900s with a pit bull nanny dog how can you pick on them now!!

little kid smoking

Awe how cute little kid smoking , smoking must be good for you


Good medicine!!!

The general public no longer buys your outdated lies about pit bulls being nanny dogs or good for your health .


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