Kill a pit bull night PSA

Please stay safe out there , lock pit bulls up in your houses tonight.
To the sickos doing this , this is wrong and you need help , to end the pit bull problem its as simple as writing letters to your government , start petitions , support bsl and join the forums,37.0.html. Killing one persons pit bull does nothing except get you locked up and someones innocent pet dies .

To all the pit bull advocates complaining they have to lock their precious dogs away on Halloween because of kill a pit bull night , i have not seem one of you say any words or show an empathy to cat owners that have to do each and every Halloween to avoid their cats being tortured especially black ones CAT RACISM!!!! , but as i guess none of you care about any animals other then pit bulls so it doesn’t matter if cats have their whiskers cut off or are burnt to death as long as pit bulls live, cats are just pit bull food anyway i guess??

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