Over 100 people at first walk for pit bull victims – a great victory for all pit bull victims

What a great success over 100 people at the event all day , over 50+ when the cameras rolled by .
Victims and dog attack advocates from all over Tucson turned out for the first ever, “Walk for victims of pit bulls and other dangerous dogs” at Lincoln Park, Saturday.

Melissa Barbalaco, the organizer behind the event, is a victim’s advocate. Her title was created following the attack of her service dog by another dog in Lincoln Park.

“It kind of prompted me to start looking into how people were feeling and see if there was any other victims that felt the way I did because after that, I was really scared to go outside,” Barbalaco said.

She says today’s walk was about two things; support for attack victims and building public awareness.

“These victims deserve the right to tell their story,” Barbalaco continued.

Jennifer Amdor traveled from New Mexico, specifically for the walk.

“I just knew it was bad. I remember feeling the rush of blood,” Amdor recalled.

Amdor was attacked by her neighbor’s pit bull three-months ago. She says she’s been looking for a support outlet ever since.

“I had a lot of feelings I didn’t quite understand, nightmares — a lot of things I didn’t ever imagine I would deal with in my life,” Amdor said.

She has a message: “Its not so much that we’re not against the dogs, [it’s] just getting some promotion of how bad dogs can get if you’re not careful


1 thought on “Over 100 people at first walk for pit bull victims – a great victory for all pit bull victims

  1. What a load of shit. Pit bulls bite the most? I think not. They’re just reported the most. I see this every day. People don’t report most other bites unless they’re really, really bad or they have a “bone” to pick with the owner. Sometimes, not even then. But a pit bull or a rottweiler? They’ll report it just for barking, saying it tried to bite. I’ve even seen a guy elbow a rottweiler in the mouth then tell everyone it bit him and reported it. I’ve seen a woman grab a pit bull by the mouth, then said it bit her and reported it. I’ve seen a shih tzu bite three people in 10 minutes, but not a word was said. I’ve seen a shepherd that bit woman’s arm leaving a massive bruise and chunks of skin missing, but it was never reported. I see this ALL the time, again and again.

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