So you want to own a pit bull – If you want to own a pit bull

If you want to own a pit you should carefully read BadRap’s website and follow every word with no lapses. Even by the standard of the number one website for this breed, you have to treat these dogs like felons from the minute they enter your home. You never give them an inch, you never let them forget who’s boss, and training and reinforcement sessions must be a part of every day with these dogs. You can’t play tug-o-war, you can’t let them growl and wrestle with each other. You can’t even just toss them a treat just because they’re so cute.
Anybody who would prefer a more laissez-faire relationship with their dog should not own this breed and it is clear that most people who own pits do not follow these guidelines. I’ll also bet that the pit owners who suffer the lowest frequency of bites are the fight-breeders who handle them under the most restrictive conditions.
The pit lovers have had three decades to solve this problem and it has only gotten worse, even though they deny it even more. So it’s time to take this problem out of the hands of the pit apologia and let the general public make up their mind about how to best protect the safety of their streets.


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