Celebrity endorsement – Kate Gosselin supports walk for pit bull victims

Kate Gosselin retweeted the following message: “Children who were victims of pit bulls Take a look & see why people care. http://walkforvictimsofpitbulls.blogspot.com


This has caused pit bull lovers to get upset and go into overdrive slandering Kate and her children. Well done Kate , keep up the fight and help us end violent dog attacks from pit bulls and other breeds.



1 thought on “Celebrity endorsement – Kate Gosselin supports walk for pit bull victims

  1. I completely feel for the victims of attacks by any animal.I wouldnt wish that on anyone.Well except child molesters/abusers,animal abusers,and rapists.
    But Kate Gosselin being the voice of reason for anything is just a joke.Many people that have been in her inner circle have attested to the fact that she has been abusive with the dogs in her home.Plus theres the fact that shes just a freaking train wreck.
    I have been checking this site out since I came across it today and I totally get that you are trying to raise awareness and save lives here but youre beating a dead horse.People have been exposed to the ‘pit bull as land shark’ issue for many years and the public is well aware of the horror stories.
    Public perception is changing now,people are educating themselves and discovering that the hype is for the most part just that-hype.Scare tactics tend not to work on smart people.Not for very long anyway.
    Many in the public eye are pit bull supporters.You have Kate Myvaginaisaclowncar Gosslin and Kelly Ripa-former soap star.
    Well, great.
    I dont see much support here though,not compared to the hundreds of thousands of people who support pit bull advocacy and rescue groups and fight breed legislation.
    So while I kinda understand where youre coming from,it seems that your brand of all-consuming hate is on the downslide.

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