Why BSL is good – Why God Hates pit bulls

And how many people have chihuahuas and dachshunds killed? I dont know why it is so hard for the misguided to understand that pit bulls have been bred for certain traits that make them extremely dangerous. They are fighting dogs and as such have extremely high prey drive, need no provocation to attack another dog (or person) and do not heed signs of submission that normal dogs respect and understand. Their biting style of hold and shake is a far cry from the bite of a chihuahua, dachshund or normal dog. When are people going to wise up and realize that you cannot train or love genetic traits out of a dog. All the training and love in the world wont stop a border collie from herding, a retriever from retrieving or a beagle from hunting rabbits. I would think even the pit loving simpletons can understand that. I do not understand why they are blind to the danger that pit bulls pose… It’s absurd.
I’m surprised to find Republican council members catering to the pit bull lobby. Even if they don’t care about adults, these council members should care about children. Pit bulls have killed fifteen children in the past year (and nineteen adults). They kill twice as many humans as all other breeds of dogs combined. This has been true as long as records have been kept, including in the so-called ‘decade of the Doberman’ and of the GSD. Pit bulls are responsible for 100% of hospitalizations of eight days or more due to a dog attack — one hundred percent.

The killing behavior of pit bulls is genetically determined, but that doesn’t really matter. Pit bull fans have shown such huge indifference to the lives of others that even if the owners were the only problem, we need to impose severe restrictions on them. They have proven they won’t do it themselves, nor behave ‘responsibly’ unless forced to do so.

Boley is typical of such a pit bull fan. She thinks it should be up to her whether she buys insurance for what her pit bull likely will do, or whether families should be bankrupted by a child’s medical bills. And of course she won’t buy insurance — if she were going to anyway, it wouldn’t matter to her whether the law required it.

Shame on Republicans Rath, Frost and Marmie for catering to this type of minority within the constituency instead of putting the interests of the majority — and above all of our children — first.


4 thoughts on “Why BSL is good – Why God Hates pit bulls

  1. These advocates always insist it’s on “How you raise them”. Believe me it’s NOT how they are raised. I’m an ex owner that wised the hell up! I know ALL about the breed. My brother owns one as of now and he won’t wise the hell up. He told me I got a poorly bred one. It doesn’t matter they all have the instict to attack. No matter what breeder you get one from ‘They ALL have the same instinct”

  2. Your an idiot man, and you dont have your facts straight. You should stop spamming your hate unless you have actual factual information other than a few clippings you found on the internet.

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