Pit bulls genes and genetics to fight – Where are the beagle dog fights to the death happening ?

All dogs are what they are by nature ,that is what breed means. If that was not the case people would train beagles to fight to the death. Training a dog is merely the direction of its breed instincts (its nature as and designed by man) Obedience training just means to control that nature it does not change nature. Pet owners confuse the two meanings or application of training. A beagle not used for hunting rabbits is still a dog with a nature to hunt. A Pitbull not used to fight is still a dog with a nature to fight. Pibull advocates want what they want beyond all reason but then, when you understand breeding, you understand Pitbulls are a breed where no one can fnd any good reason for them with 180 or more other breeds that by nature are far safer to choose from. Ban the breed end these deeds

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