Our Goals – How to stop the pit bull problem once and for all and save childrens lives

• No new Pit Bulls. No one can obtain a new Pit Bull dog after the passing of this legislation
• Sterilization. All existing Pit Bulls must be spayed and neutered
• Mandatory muzzling. All remaining Pit Bulls must be muzzled when outside of the owner’s house or apartment (an unmuzzled Pit Bull cannot be in the hallway of an apt. building)
• Visible licenses. Visible licenses on vests and harness leashes must be used on all Pit Bulls when walked in public
• Notification of restraints. All owners of Pit Bulls must make a written declaration that they understand the laws
• Age restriction. No one under 18 can own a Pit Bull dog
• Criminals cannot own Pit Bull dogs. No persons convicted of violence, drug-trafficking or a crime in which a dog has been used can own a Pit Bull dog, nor can they share the same household
• Identification. All Pit Bulls must be microchipped
• Fences. All Pit Bulls must be in a fenced yard with proper signage
• Liability insurance. $250,000 liability surety bond is required for each Pit Bull dog
• Obedience training. Mandatory successful completion of dog obedience training is required for owners of Pit Bulls
• Prohibition to park access. Pit Bulls’s are prohibited from using off-leash areas and public parks
• Age requirement. A person must be 16 years old to walk a muzzled Pit Bull dog
• Children protected from Pit Bulls. Children under 14 years of age cannot be left alone with a Pit Bull without the dog muzzled
• Transporation. No Pit Bull dog that lives outside the city can bring them into the city except while passing through in an automobile.
• Tethering. No tethering of Pit Bull dogs in public places
• Entering a home. No one may enter the house of a Pit Bull dog unless the owner is present. (This refers to real estate agents trying to show a house without the owner and being attacked by the family’s Pit Bull dog)
• Automatic surrender of Pit Bull dogs if any of these laws are violated


6 thoughts on “Our Goals – How to stop the pit bull problem once and for all and save childrens lives”

  1. I’d prefer a $500,000.00 insurance or bond requirement… if no insurance the dog should be immediately seized and held for a maximum of 90 days to get proof of insurance and if none provided the dog would immediately be put down. (Also it’s possible to track insurance maintenance as DMV does so that if stopped and the driver has let the insurance lapse or stopped it they are taken to jail right then and there…. same should be with Pit Bull owners)

  2. You are impossibly stupid. I never knew someone could be so blind to the facts. If you can’t fucking see past the end of your nose and face reality, you are going to make enemies of everyone else. If I keep typing, someone will have to call the police, so bye narrow-minded neanderthals.

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