Pit bull kissing booths…. SICK

Who the hell kisses a dog on the lips?
Who the hell kisses a violent dog on the lips?
Who the hell kisses a strangers dog on the lips?
Even worse who the hell sends their kids to kiss someone elses dogs on the lips , violent pit bull dogs no less
Get help pit bull advocates

3 thoughts on “Pit bull kissing booths…. SICK

  1. Typical pit bulls; so aggressive,scary,and intimidating.
    Oh the violence,the bloodshed,the carnage.
    Thank you for proving the point of us crazy advocates.You know,the ones who are talking out of our asses when we defend our dogs as sweet and loving with EVERYONE they come into contact with.
    For every one pitty that bites there are over 10.5 million that dont.
    Stop bullying my breed.

  2. You should be ashamed of yourself. The breed itself is not a violent breed. They way they are treated makes them violent. A bunch of pit bulls are bred for dog fights or just abused. That is what makes them violent. I have known a majority of pit bulls that are friendly. Pit bulls, like all other dogs, love their owners unconditionally. If they happen to be mistreated by these owners, then they can become violent to protect themselves.

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