Pit bull advocates – are they less educated

Heres a comment from a advocate

“peaple think thet pit bulls are the wourst breed of dog but it just depends on how the oner treets it cuz i have 2 pits and there the sweetes pits i ever had :)”

4 thoughts on “Pit bull advocates – are they less educated

  1. This look fake as hell!! I think it’s an anti Pitbull douch bag trying to make Pitbull owners look bad because they have nothing better to do with their lifes then cry on the internet about a breed they know nothing about in real life and jugde them because some fucked up media reported on a Pitbull attack and not on any other breed that attacks!!

  2. Hell no, no matter what the subject that is nearly the same pre-programmed answer we get all the time on my facebook page supportpitbullbans. Its like they are pre-programmed to repeat the same crap no matter what subject is brought up. Nutters, you make yourself look bad! You dont need us to do it for you.

  3. “Here’s a comment from a advocate.” And here’s commentary on that comment from somebody who’s positively retarded.

    LOL neckbeard grow a pair

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