Pit Bull Lovers Spread Positive lies Following Attack

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Anchorage Police said they had to protect themselves by shooting a pit bull after the owner released the dog to attack officers serving a warrant.

“The dog may have been a perfectly nice dog under most circumstances,” said Lt. Dave Parker with APD, “but the circumstances under which the officers were presented required that they protect themselves.”

Pit bull lovers want to inform the public that this incident doesn’t reflect on the breed.

The Hound Lounge prides itself on being a nondiscriminatory doggie daycare and boarding facility, allowing all breeds including pit bulls.

“As the owner of a pit bull when we opened I decided not to discriminate against the breed,” said The Hound Loung Co-owner Chris Prigge, “The breed is a reflection of the person that owns the dog and not therefore we accept the dog until we have an issue.”

Every dog, regardless of their size, is temperament tested at the Hound Lounge. Dogs that pass are then placed with other dogs of similar size to play. Prigge said pit bulls are very loyal dogs, but it takes a caring person to own one.

“If you let the dog out in that kind of circumstance then you don’t have the same kind of love that the dog has for you,” said Prigge.

He said he’s seen first hand how affectionate this type of dog can be as a loving member of the family.

“They’re super great animals with kids and other animals.” said Prigge, “It just takes the right kind of person to own the dog.”

For more information about boarding or doggie daycare at the hound lounge visit their website.

After the dog was shot Friday night, police arrested the owner for the original warrant of violating a domestic violence restraining order. The pit bull was taken to the Pet Emergency Hospital for treatment for Friday by APD officers, but it eventually had to be euthanized.

When idiots like these keep claiming that pit bulls make great pets with kids and there are 10 dead kids this year you know theres something wrong , if a toy killed 10 kids it would be recalled instantly and the company that made it would be closed down.

1 thought on “Pit Bull Lovers Spread Positive lies Following Attack

  1. I came upon this site looking for Pro-BSL information and solid rationale for a project. I have to say, i’m terribly disappointed. Some of the stats are contradictory even within the same story. I should have stopped reading when I saw mention of Ingrid Newkirk as both “credible” and “respectable”. Public opinion is quite the contrary, even amongst PETA members. I’m going to use this information, but instead of using it to support “Pro” argument, I’m going to use it an example of why the Pro-BSL agenda is losing their fight, miserably. It’s poorly represented and this site is perfect example of that. But hey, thank you for something!

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