The Sickening abuse of Austin Cussins RIP – by pit bull advocates

Firstly i would like to say Rest in Peace Austin and I personally apologize for the pit bull advocates that smear your name online daily to argue about pit bulls RIP.

It seems when a pit bull advocates latches onto something they dont let go , sort of like their dogs.

Lets discuss the tragic case that is constantly bought up online almost daily , about the tragic death of young Austin Cussins by a rottweiler mix and use it to attack the success of the denver pit bull ban .

06/13/98: Austin Cussins, 1-year old (Lakewood, CO)
Killed by family rottweiler-mix

Firstly lets analyze something Lakewood – Austin was growing up in Lakewood not Denver where the pit bull ban occurred . So they pit bull advocates are missing the target completely.

Secondly lakewood county does not even have a pit bull ban instead they have Lakewood’s existing ordinance prohibits the possession of dangerous animals and requires animal control officers to take custody of dangerous dogs that have attacked and injured a person or another dog, cat, ferret or any livestock.

The ordinance also allows municipal court judges to impose fines and order restitution for damages caused by a dog attack and to order offending animals to be euthanized.

So they miss the target again – No BSL , No Bans on dog breeds just like the advocates want.

June 17 – A popular adage tells us that every cloud has a silver lining.

Every cloud.

Supposedly, even the darkest, most ominous, stormy, overpowering clouds – those huge thunderheads that turn the day sky black – have a silver lining.

To see it, you have to fly high above the stormy front and look back from a distance – and then you see the other side of the dark cloud, the so-called silver lining reflecting our sun’s brilliant rays.

It is hard to imagine a good side to the tragedy that claimed the fragile life of 11-month-old Austin Cussins last weekend in Lakewood.

It was bad enough that the toddler was mauled to death by his family’s dog, bitten by the mixed-breed Rottweiler-bull mastiff as if the dog was playing with a stuffed toy. But the tragedy was even worse because the family had noticed that the dog wasn’t just a cuddly pet. He had bitten the child before, and the parents had been advised not to leave the dog and little Austin together unattended.

But friends now say the parents are ready to accept blame for the accident.

And that, I suppose, is the silver lining on this horribly dark cloud.

Someone has accepted responsibility.

It seems the parents aren’t in the mood to hire an attorney to sue the dog’s breeder, or to blame the police for not intervening after the first attack, or to look for some other scapegoat for their own irresponsibility – blaming the dog’s diet on a pet-food manufacturer, for example.

They appear ready to take the blame themselves.

They should, of course. But in this day of Blame-Anyone-But-Me, they might not have.

Odd as it might seem, it wouldn’t be unusual for Austin’s parents to look around for someone else to assign the guilt for their baby’s death.

Accepting the blame won’t bring Austin back to life, and it won’t lessen his parents’ grief. No criminal penalty imposed for neglect could be more harsh than the agony their own grief will bring upon them.

But at least Austin’s parents have taken an important step in making something worthy of his short, precious life.

The public record is voluminous with examples of people who own dangerous dogs but ignore the warning signs – only to regret the damage done later. Their denial becomes fatal.

Certain breeds of dogs have a tendency to be much more aggressive than others. The Cussins’ dog fits that description.

Within any breed, individual animals may be tame and gentle while others are irritable and excitable. But each breed has its tendencies, and the Cussins apparently ignored signs that their dog might need careful watching.

Others shouldn’t make that mistake.

By reminding other parents, who might otherwise be in denial, that dogs aren’t ideal playmates for defenseless infants, the Cussins have taken the first small step toward bringing some useful meaning to little Austin’s death.

RIP AUSTIN and to all owners of dangerous dogs please put people over pit bulls and other dangerous dogs first.

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