Why do jews / Jewish people hate pit bulls ?


“The dog is one of the few animals almost invariably spoken of in negative and derogatory terms [in Jewish Scripture]. There apparently was little personal relationship between biblical man and the dog.. Dogs are described as being noisy [Psalms 59:7-14], greedy [Isaiah 56:11], stupid [Isaiah 56:10], filthy [Proverbs 26:11]…. The term “dog” is applied as an insult to humans [I Kings 22:38]. Furthermore, “dog” appears to have been a derogatory designation for male prostitutes [Deuteronomy 23:19].”

commercial dog foods illegal under Jewish law, even when they’re acceptable the rest of the year. It’s possible to juggle these requirements, but easy for others to assume that I am cutting corners on kashrut for the sake of my canines.

Beyond theology and practicality, there are visceral reasons for Jews to be anti-dog. From the Crusades to the Pogroms to the Holocaust, the relationship between Jews and dogs have mostly seen the former fleeing the business ends of the latter, set on them by anti-Semitic persecutors. If Jews have a racial memory of dogs, it’s not a happy one especially the pit bulls used on us during world war 2.



2 thoughts on “Why do jews / Jewish people hate pit bulls ?

  1. ummm so pitbulls were used on jews in world war 2????? okay so is that really why the war star media has made it a point to show case them as ruthless killing machines??? i mean lets be honest yes pitbulls have done some disgusting ruthless things to people children and animals i get it but so has Israel…………. Alot of dog breeds have been bred for attacking people, unlike the pitbull whos original mission in life was to bring down large game or other dogs, hence their other nick name game dogs. so why the radical profiling of this breed and everything that looks like it??? just because a german shepherd is by the side of most (cops) does that mean im going to radicalize that bred and hate it like i do most cops?? NO!. so get over it jewish people you weren’t the only race of people to be discriminated against and had genocide used on your race either. structured civilizations have preformed sacrifices on people since the beginning of religion, lol burnt offering isn’t that what holocaust is referring too, basically a sacrifice cuz people are sick but we don’t have race bans now do we?? well not yet at least in america but other c countries like good old israel sure know how to treat their fellow neighbor the palestinians Haha yep like they are less then human. well obviously i can go on and on but you jews get the point, you know what your pulling and I hope you can realise one day the goy are waking up and seeing you for what you are……. racist control freaks……….. over and out!

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