All dogs bite not just pit bulls , all dogs are the same and kill the same amount

Yes that’s right . All dogs are equally vicious. That’s because all dogs were equally bred to fight in pits. That’s why a fight between a pit bull and a chihuahua always ends in a tie. That’s why all dogs share equally in catastrophic injuries to people like this little girl in the story. Please, as soon as possible, send her a nice letter explaining your brilliant observations so she’ll have an better understanding of what happened to her. Maybe bring your pittie by for therapy. Unbelievable.


3 thoughts on “All dogs bite not just pit bulls , all dogs are the same and kill the same amount

  1. If God hated them, he wouldn’t have created them. If you even THINK of saying some shit like “man created them” or something, be LOGICAL for once in your god forsaken life. Man had to have dogs in order to fucking breed them you DUMB ASS!

    • Holy shit you religio-tards are dumb! (I am not knocking all who follow a religion or who believe in some form of higher power or deities, just morons like the above anonymous poster, against whom I specifically apply the religio-tard label.) I mean this anonymous imbecile actually believes that pit bulls (and presumably every other dog breed that now exists or ever did exist) were created by a magical white bearded man on a cloud. And the idiot has the nerve to demand that the blogger “be LOGICAL” and call him or her a “DUMB ASS.” Hey retard, if “God” created dogs then who or what created God? Stumped? Mind blown, fucker!

      In all sincerity, people like the anonymous religious lunatic above lead me to conclude that perhaps some humans (such as the aforementioned buffoon) should be sterilized before we consider sterilizing a breed of dog.

  2. Such an intelligent blog you’re running here. Really brilliant point-of-view. You’re such a genius that you can’t even make a respectable-looking site using software designed to be user-friendly. Your layout almost makes me as nauseous as your content.

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