Pit bull attack kills neighbor’s dog pit bull advocate smuggles dog from police

ranville Police are investigating a pit bull’s fatal attack on another dog in Granville.

The pit bull was staying with an occupant of a home near downtown Granville when it left the property and attacked a dachshund that was in the yard of a neighbor at 1 a.m. on Jan. 1, according to Granville police reports. The dachshund’s owner immediately took the dog to a vet for treatment, but on Jan. 5 told police the dog had died, the reports said.

Police were able to identify the home where the dog was staying by following its tracks in the snow. But when they arrived, the home’s occupant said a family member had taken the dog.

Police are trying to identify the owner of the dog, according to Police Chief Jim Mason. He said the owner of the dog wasn’t at the home at the time of the attack. The occupant of the home was dog sitting for the owner, who police believe may be a relative, when the dog left the premises, Mason said.

The dog’s owner faces a possible charge of dog running at large, but no greater charge due to the death of the dachshund, Mason said. The charge carries a maximum fine of $150.

Police data show there have been three reports of loose dogs but no other dog bites on the street in the last few years, according to Mason.

Asked if the dog poses an on-going risk to the neighborhood, Mason said he believes the dog was present at the Granville home to be watched for a relatively short time and doesn’t stay there on an on-going basis.


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