Pit Bull named “Beautiful” Nanies Toddler Several Times

“Dogs you think would never bite, have a breaking point.”

For some reason this two year old pit bull, Beautiful, took a lunge at a toddler.

“I’m told he has several bites to the face, which is the most common place where children are bit, simply because they have a tendency to put their face in the dogs face.”
Police rushed to a home near 27th and Ellison this afternoon. They found a 16 month old boy with several bites to his face.
Paramedics took the child to Creighton Medical Center. KMTV Action 3 News was on the scene when crews hauled off the dog.
The pit bull is a family pet and investigators say no problems had ever been reported before.
According to a witness the dog escaped from an upstairs room when it bit the toddler.
“Sadly in a situation like this we’ll more than likely euthanize the animal simply because it’s shown aggressiveness towards children. It wouldn’t be safe for us to place it in another family.”
Under an Omaha ordinance, if a dog is declared dangerous to the public the Humane Society will cite the owner and impound the dog.
In this case the family thought Beautiful was dangerous and handed her over no questions asked.

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