Two Children Attacked By Pit Bull

Town of Baldwin, N.Y. – Two Chemung County children are severely injured after being mauled by a family pit bull.

Both children are being treated in a Rochester hospital following Thursday’s attack.  The dog attacked them at their home at 183 Hugg Road in the Town of Baldwin.  One of the kids is an 11 year old girl and the other is a 13 year old boy.

The sheriff’s office says of one of the children has a broken arm.  Both have severe puncture wounds.

Authorities say a man named Lance Hall and Amanda Rounds, the mother of the children, live at the home.

We were able to speak with the owner and landlord of the home who lives across the road.  He says the little girl got the worst of the attack and thanks god because it could have been worse.

Ashur Terwilliger said, “She is a gorgeous little girl.  She is just beautiful and luckily the dog didn’t get to her face which is really by the grace of God that happened.  But her legs and arms were bit pretty good.”

Terwilliger says the girl’s older brother acted heroically.  He says the boy knew to call 911 and even got his B.B. gun to stop the dog before help could arrive.

Terwilliger said, “I should say the boy deserves a medal when the dog was after his sister for him to go out and attack that dog.  I just think it’s amazing for that boy to have that courage.”

The dog was immediately put down by the sheriff’s office.


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