Waterford man charged with owning alligator, pit bulls and drugs heads to court Wednesday

Pretrial is set for Wednesday in a Waterford case involving an alligator and pit bulls found along with a marijuana-growing operation.

The case will come before Judge Jodi Debbrecht in 51st District Court.

Paul Coombs, 28, is charged with four counts of owning a pit bull, which is not legal in Waterford, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and owning prohibited rare animals.

The incident occurred Oct. 3 when Waterford Township police officers responded to a suspicious circumstances complaint to find a man had — among other things —  an alligator living in his basement.

At the home near West End and Boston roads just west of Telegraph and south of Elizabeth Lake Road, police found the front door had been left open but they couldn’t make contact with anyone inside.

After deciding to enter, the officers searched the house and found a 2.5-foot alligator in a wooden crate in the basement.

Along with the gator, they also found 24 marijuana plants and four pit bulls.

The homeowner’s roommate came back a short time later and called the homeowner, Coombs. When Coombs arrived, he admitted the alligator, marijuana and pit bulls were his, police said. Coombs was cited and released at the scene.

Authorities called Oakland County Animal Control, who removed the alligator and pit bulls from the house


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