Police: 44-year-old woman in critical condition after pit bull attack – Could be the second fataility of 2013 by pit bulls in less than 10 days

A 44-year-old Upstate woman is in critical condition after she was attacked by pit bulls overnight, according to Spartanburg Public Safety Capt. Art Littlejohn.

Littlejohn said that at about 2 a.m. police were called by someone who said they heard a woman being attacked by dogs.

Officers reached the location in the 700 block of South Center Street within three minutes, police said.

The incident report said an officer saw two or three dogs “biting/eating” a woman who was lying on the ground.

The officer said he shouted at the dogs and kicked leaves at them, and they started to run away, but returned to attacking the woman.

One of the dogs turned toward the officer and was shot and killed.

A second dog charged at an officer, but ran off when shots were fired. The officers kept that dog and a third dog away from the victim while EMS treated the woman and took her to the hospital.

The woman has been identified as Dreamer Denise Rice, who lives on South Center Street.

Littlejohn said Rice suffered bites to her arms, legs abdomen and face. Police said her wounds are very serious.

The owner of the dogs lives over the city line in Spartanburg County, so the Spartanburg County Environmental Enforcement Unit is working with Spartanburg Public Safety on the case.
The EEU has issued three citations against the owner for the dogs not having current inoculations. Police said more charges may be filed.

The two surviving dogs were seized by Animal Services officers.

The Humane Society, that described the dogs as pit bull mixes, said the dogs will remain in quarantine while the investigation continues. The dogs will be held for at least five days. At that point, the Humane Society vet, DHEC and law enforcement will make a decision about what action to take.

Read more: http://www.wyff4.com/news/local-news/spartanburg-cherokee-news/Police-44-year-old-woman-in-critical-condition-after-pit-bull-attack/-/9324158/18063680/-/13bu9clz/-/index.html#ixzz2HWrl7TBZ


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