Pit Bull Attack Video: Dogs Maul One Woman, Kill Another In Separate Incidents (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Separate pit bull attacks in South Carolina killed one woman and left another unconscious within hours of each other, according to reports. The incident in which the victim survived was captured in gruesome footage by police arriving on the scene.

A video released by local CBS affiliate WSPA shows three pit bulls mauling Dreamer Denise Rice, 44, early Wednesday in Spartanburg, S.C.


Rice sustained bites to her face, arms and stomach and was bleeding profusely when police arrived, authorities told WSPA. As of Thursday morning, she was in serious condition at an area hospital, the Spartanburg Herald Journal wrote in an update.

Police pulled two of the dogs off Rice and shot the third when it turned on an officer, the Journal reported. The other two dogs were quarantined at the Spartanburg Humane Society.

The dogs’ owner, Ray Willis Williams, received citations for not having proof of rabies vaccinations but could face more charges, according to the reports.

Sixty miles away in Hodges, S.C., 65-year-old Betty Ann Chapman Todd, died after being bitten Tuesday night by what authorities believe was a pit bull, WSPA writes in a separate story. The sheriff’s report said the animal was found at the scene with blood on its body. It became aggressive, and the homeowners arrived to help lock the dog in a back room, the website noted.

Chapman was babysitting the homeowners’ 17-month-old child.

According to DogBites.org, pit bulls have killed 128 Americans between 2005 and 2011.

WARNING: This video contains graphic content that might not be suitable for all viewers.


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