Advice to survive a pit bull attack – why pit bulls are different from normal dogs

The normal dog bite prevention advice is to stand still, avoid eye contact, don’t run, back away quietly. Normal dogs do not want to fight, they want you to leave, so they let you leave.
The “good” pits’ goal is the mauling, the shredding, the crushing. That’s why they won’t let the vicitm leave, or live. These behaviors won/win dog fights, so dogs who didn’t act like these dogs were killed by the dog fighters.
When pits/pit mixes are attacking, the new advice must be SCREAM LOUDLY, DON’T STOP, PRAY that a brave neighbor, passerby, or police has a gun and is a good shot, or has a LONG knife and will kill the dog(s). Most dogs won’t attack silently from behind, for no reason. “Good” pit bulls WILL!
Proof that pits ARE different from normal non-bully dogs? Essentially ALL US dog fighters still only use pit bulls.


4 thoughts on “Advice to survive a pit bull attack – why pit bulls are different from normal dogs

  1. Yes, your silly little VERY WRONG blog post is obviously proof! Buddy, screaming at a dog that is acting aggressively towards you will effectively get you in deep, deep trouble.

  2. please educate yourself, you are doing far more harm spouting off baseless rants. every breed of dog can be dangerous if maltreated, abused, neglected.

  3. So true everyone knows they are the most dangerous. I don’t know who owners believe they are fooling. Thanks for having the courage to make this site.

  4. It’s a shame you’re letting the pit wack jobs overrun this site with their lies and propaganda. You won’t accomplish anything if you don’t delete their comments and ban them.

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