Charges laid in two high-profile pit bull attacks \\\

Charges have been laid in two recent high-profile dog attacks involving pit bulls.

Friday, city bylaw officials announced charges in connection with a fatal mauling that occurred on Dec. 31 that left one dog dead and another injured.

Charges were also laid in a Jan. 2 incident where two pit bulls escaped a yard and attacked a women who suffered serious bites.

Bylaw co-ordinator Doug Anderson said serious attacks like these are rare and in both cases the pit bulls involved were seized for assessment.

“It’s rare to have two serious cases this close together and also to have them involve the same breed of dog,” Anderson said.

The owner of three pit bulls that tore apart a Pomeranian and injured a Great Pyrenees on New Year’s Eve faces a total of six charges including one count of causing death to an animal.

The other owner will also face charges in connection with incident including two charges of a dog at large.

Bylaw officials have also laid charges in a separate incident that saw a woman hospitalized with serious bite wounds after two dogs escaped a yard in Whitehorn.

Both dogs were seized and remain in the custody of bylaw services.

The owners of the dogs have been charged with one count of a dog attack on a person and one count of a dog biting a person.

In both cases, the owners face mandatory court appearances and fines to be determined by a provincial judge.

“In these odd cases that pop up, we’re certainly going to try and make it so they don’t happen again,” said Anderson.

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